Have you ever spend your holiday on a house boat? If so you certainly comprehend our awesome experience and you would like to spend your holiday on a house boat once more. If no it is time for discover something new. Spend the most valuable days of the year on a house boat and make your own experiences!

Here you can find out about some highlights:

A boat or a house ?

You live directly on the water. Enjoy the striking distance to the water without accepting the disadvantages of a normal boat. The house boat has a weight of about 16 tons and it is anchored with the ground. You have a lot of space, the house boat is not fluctuating and there are no waves beating againt the hull.
A winter garten on the water ?

You have a large all around glazed living room with comfortable sofas, a big dining table for 6 persons, a big flat screen TV, a kitchenette with an induction stove and a lot of equipment.
Sleep as at home !

Our house boat has two bedrooms each with a large double bed (160x200 centimeter) and a studio couch for two persons in the living room. You are able to spend the night with 4 adults comfortably and for the children or for short-term visitors there is also the studio couch available.
The first terrace

Our house boat has two terraces. The first one is in the front at the bow where you can relax comfortably with 8 to 10 persons. Here you sit directly at the water. Because of an emersed roof you are protected from the sun at good days. Moreover the roof makes it possible to be protected from dirty weather. If it is hot you can use the swimming ladder to cool down in the "Xantener North Sea".
The second terrace

The other terrace is on the roof. Here you can sit protected from the sun if it is nice weather. A big sunshade is available. Maybe you would like to invite some friends and you want to use the electric powered barbecue or the raclette which are both available as well.
Our floating house type Floating44 was developed by the Berlin company FHG floating houses GmbH . They are offering more then one dozen types of floating houses in different sizes.    
Some Photos kindly were made available to us by the FHG floating house GmbH from Berlin. Pictured are house boats of the same type at other locations. During the summer of 2014, these photos will be replaced by your own shots.